Reliable Roofing Professionals

Duro-Last® has been the industry leader in producing custom-fabricated single-ply roofing systems, designing each roof to fit building specifications exactly and manufacturing it under controlled factory conditions.

Please visit our photo gallery for before and after photos of roofing project or to view a video demonstrating how we install a Duro-Last® roof.

McDermott & Son Roofing moved to Duro-last® Roofing System in 1996 and we have been dedicated to providing our customers with quality roofs for over 85 years. We are proud to be a contractor for the Duro-Last® company and provide a warranty for all of our roofing projects. We also offer annual inspections and maintenance agreement.

McDermott & Son Roofing uses American-made Duro-Last® Roofing materials manufactured in the USA, including a plant in Sigourney, Iowa. Buying a Duro-Last® roof is like buying locally, you are putting hard working Americans to work. When you buy a Duro-Last® roof system you are protecting your business with the World’s Best Roof that carries a life expectancy of twenty plus years.

Individualized Roofing Options

We provide a full consultation to explain your available options so that you can choose the roofing plan that’s right for your roof. We will work with you and adhere to your personal needs and stay in contact through the whole project.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We strive to save you both time and money by combining roofing knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied with the results.

Corporate Inspection

Each and every Duro-Last® roof installed by McDermott & Son Roofing is inspected by a Duro-Last® Technical Representative insuring a top quality installation. Duro-Last® corporate office will issue a warranty after the inspection is complete. With McDermott & Son Roofing you can be assured you will indeed receive the world’s best roof.

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