Maintenance Agreement

We will come to your building, inspect your roof, remove any debris, clean drains and gutters, refresh any caulking, and make small repairs. 

McDermott & Son Roofing provides a top quality, long-term, roofing product and maintenance program. The best way to keep your roof in top-shape is with periodic inspections. Roofs are constantly under attack by weather, structural movement, and stresses, as well as chemicals present in the atmosphere. While normal aging will occur on all roofs, small problems stemming from neglect, abuse, contamination, error, or accidents can result in costly repairs or premature failure of the roofing system, if not detected. A regular program of inspection and repairs will help detect minor problems before they become serious, avoiding interruptions of the internal functions within the building, and most importantly, protecting the owner's investment by adding years to the life of the roof.

With this in mind, McDermott & Son Roofing offers a maintenance agreement package with every roof we install, and it can also be purchased for roofs we have not installed. With a maintenance agreement from McDermott & Son Roofing you will receive:

  • Annual Inspections
  • Inspect and clean all drains and gutters to ensure proper drainage
  • Check all field laps and penetrations (chimneys, vents, etc.)
  • Renew sealant (caulking) around pipes, stacks, etc. as needed
  • Renew sealant at termination as needed
  • Check for ice/wind damage
  • Check overall condition of the roof

Upon completion of the work, the building owner will receive a report on the condition of the roof. Any repairs needed, above the routine maintenance, will be approved by a building's owner before repairs are made. Any repairs needed that are covered by a warranty for a roof McDermott & Son Roofing installed, will be made at the time of inspection at no cost to the building's owner. The building owner can cancel this agreement at any time by notifying McDermott & Son Roofing by phone or mail.

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